Evelina Gulliksson

My name is Evelina Gulliksson and im 20 years old.

During high school, I studied economics combined with golf. I’ve played golf my whole life but this summer I am extra psyched.

I have just moved to Spain to train on “Michael Campbell Golf Academy”. I will have a personal trainer every day to be able to help me to become a good golfer. I will train with Michael Campbell himself who won the 2005 u.s. open.

So far this year, my golfing has gone in the right direction.

The results will be better and better and I have reduced my handicap to 5.

I come from a town called Örnsköldsvik, located in Höga kusten.

Since Örnsköldsvik is located in northern Sweden, and usually we have snow in the winter, I grew up skiing and with a ice fishing rod in my hands.

Also, I am very interested in music. I play the drums, piano and guitar.